Thursday, December 16, 2010

The thrill and horror of FINALLSSSSS

Just keeping everyone up to date on the project progresssss...

Reduction wood block (theme was water...?)

This is one of the only prints that I like of the several I've made so far. The other ones just aren't my usual style. BUT my teacher likes them and thats all that matters ha! (at least for now).

My teapots are all bisque fired! The big one is shown with the handles laying next to it. Those are going to be attached with wood just above where they are laying, onto the sides of the pot. The really small pot with the very thin-slit opening is a pot I made with a little bit of extra time to hopefully add a few points to my grade. I like it but it's a little simple (also going to have a wooden handle). And then the last one is the one I showed pictures of before in it's greenwear stage, but it's now bisqued. One of the little lids broke in the kiln :/ and the handle got lost in the kiln somehow??? That will probably ALSO be made of wood now.
All the pots are ready to be glazed once I do that and attach handles they'll be ready for my crit. on wednesday.

Finals are horrible, I've lost all motivation to do any creative work and sleep as well. While trying to do work for all my classes I'm also trying to get all my stuff together for study abroad. Mainly the student VISA which I spend so much time on it's as if I have a 5th final. UGH! The thing thats keeping me going though is the thought of christmas and Italyyyy! Bonjourno! thats all I know in italian right now.

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