Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tiny news!

Apparently Matthew Shlian's work is featured in a Book about paper art! Woo go Matthew (he was our TMP teacher last year!

A&D news


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gunna try and get back on this news train again.

In Afghanistan Birth Control is just now being introduced to people and rightfully so. They have a birth rate of 6 children per woman. Some people are outraged because in the Islam faith children are considered blessings from you god. Some woman were so thankful and excited when they heard about and will even take it secretly behind their husbands back. The country needs to more informed about birth control because on average a household in afghanistan will make $700 a year and begins to hurt the economy.

In this article though, this particular birth control advocating group, were making an impact by having a informational session with Mullah's. The priests of the Islam religion. They were paid to come to the session but were in fact leaving them with supportive ideas of what it will do for the country. There is a quote that finishes the article:

"This is an Islamic country,” he said. “If the clerics support this, no one will oppose it."

Monday, November 2, 2009


aol news

I just thought this was kind of interesting. Like in the movie terminal, there is a man living in an airport in brazil. He's been identified and noted by the airport workers and by the brazilian government and has permission to stay at the airport for 3 months before he will be deported. He's a 46-year-old ex pilot from germany who came to brazil to meet a brazilian woman local to he had been romantically talking to online. Apparently though after meeting somehow this woman left him with no money and thus he ended up at a small airport right outside of Sau Paulo.

He says that the airport workers are nice to him and he plans on moving to a "pretty" place in brazil. When asked more questions he tried to trade answers for the reporters computer cable and theres when it ended.