Tuesday, October 27, 2009


At a High School innn . . . Forte Oglethorpe, Georgia, cheerleaders, during a school football game were brandishing Religious banners in support of the football team and support during sept. 11th. Although the religious practice is common in this small town a parent called in and questioned the actions of these cheerleaders. The mother was a practicing christian but knows in the constitution under our 1st amendment that church and state must be separate. The schools decided to prohibit those banners because they understood the risk of a lawsuit and then the towns people and students began to protest.

I think it's dumb that they're protesting. If you are a student you personally can bring the sign but the school cheerleaders and officials that wear and represent the school may not. They as well are using their constitutional right to speak freely about their religion, why do they have to turn it into an ordeal about not having the right to do something? . . . when they can.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


aol news

This radio show host (not Tom from my animation) fell for a stupid fake blog article about Obama writing some (untrue) things about the constitution in a paper he wrote in college. This article said that he said things that slammed the constitution. This article was a from a JOKE website that wrote satires! The host of the show even said that this article had no source and yet he still backed up this idea that obama thinks badly of the constitution or that it is highly unsufficient. Ugh it's kind of a lame news post but it frustrates me that a stupid person is allowed to be in a position where he can spread lots of untrue information to the public.

Friday, October 23, 2009

more news

AOL news

This woman that wrote this article is a married woman who has chosen (along with her husband) to not have children. She's written a book about the advantages to not having children, such as: financial stability along with the ability to take financial risks and not having to worry about college funds, having a stronger relationship with spouse because you can spend more time and energy just focusing on them, able to live a more spontaneous life that includes spontaneous trips and vacations.

I like the article because it crosses some boundries and brings up a topic i dont really think about because having kids is so normal and expected of everyone but I there is one statement i dont agree with. She says something in her article about her decision not to have kids that included the fact that it would not enhance her and her husbands relationship at all and that is something i don't think she can speak to. That is the area of this topic that she has no facts on because she just hasn't lived in that situation. She can talk all she wants about the pleasures of her life right (and that life happens to be one without kids).

I think this is a very interesting subject. Talking to my dad about it too said something. He didn't know how much having kids would change his life. I like what he said, "no one gives a crap about other people's babies. Before i had kids i didn't yearn to have kids all the time but as soon as i had them you become obsessed. They're great. It's the best decision i ever made."


AOL news

I like driving and I often joke about how i will race cars in my spare time when i grow up because i loooove to drive and to drive fast. I just caught this article really quickly while looking for other interesting articles.

Basically this author wanted to test to see how fast you could go in reverse and i was expecting that you would go just as fast cuz i thought the gears to go forward were also used to go backwards but thats WRONG. Theres actually 1 separate gear for reverse and it can only go up to 20 miles an hourr! AH gosh you couldn't even go down scio church rd. without people honking at you!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


SO, in Masontown Pennsylvania there is a coal burning factory/plant that for a long time was creating a heavy amount of air pollution. It often left coal debris on people's properties and left a yellowy film on cars and windows from the yellow smoke being released into the air. The city of Masontown complained and forced some regulatory changes for cleaner air practices. There were scrubbers installed into the chimneys that got rid of a lot of the toxic chemicals and pollutants that were going into the air. Also installed were water sprayers that washed the remnants away. All of the left over toxic waste was now in a dilluted water mixture that now needed a place to go. The plant chose the Monongahela River which is a the source of drinking water for over 350,000 people in the area. Each day this plant has been dumping tens of thousands of gallons of this toxic waste into the river . . .
The city basically traded clean air for dirty water . . . what a waste.

read on it's very interesting

news-ish blast-ish

this illustrator/childrens book writer is speaking tomorrow in angel hall. I hope i can go. When I looked im up theres was a new york times article about him (and we all know how much i adore the new york times!)

heres the link

Monday, October 12, 2009


Disney is having a million dollar per store make-over. Holyyy crap. Is it really necessary i mean i know the economy isn't great right now but is disney really doing that bad? and do you really need to make amusement park stores to trick people into thinking buying things is the right choice right now? Yeah, lets squeeze everylast bit we can get from people who need to be spending money wisely at a time like this. 

These new stores are also my idea of what people in the 50's and 60's though the current future would be like: 
"Computer chips embedded in packaging will activate hidden features. Walk by a “magic mirror” while holding a Princess tiara, for instance, and Cinderella might appear and say something to you.

It’s your birthday? With the push of a button, eight 13-foot-tall Lucite trees will crackle with video-projected fireworks and sound. There will be a scent component; if a clip from Disney’s coming “A Christmas Carol” is playing in the theater, the whole store might suddenly be made to smell like a Christmas tree."


New york times

Saturday, October 10, 2009


this isn't really news but it was posted in the new york times yesterday. It's an essay or I guess a glimpse into this man's life. It's not really about him though it's about his son. His son is 11 and doesn't really seem to understand the world around him and his family the way you or me does. He routinely fills his day by walking back and forth in their backyard wiggling a belt to make it look like sine waves. He loves sine waves and thus loves the Ocean where some of the biggest sine waves of all exist. It's interesting to read to read about this fathers dillema of routinely ignoring his son because of how they don't understand each other. Occasionally they'll exchange blinks.
It's hear warming but also sad. I'm interested in hearing essays to come.

Thursday, October 8, 2009