Tuesday, October 13, 2009


SO, in Masontown Pennsylvania there is a coal burning factory/plant that for a long time was creating a heavy amount of air pollution. It often left coal debris on people's properties and left a yellowy film on cars and windows from the yellow smoke being released into the air. The city of Masontown complained and forced some regulatory changes for cleaner air practices. There were scrubbers installed into the chimneys that got rid of a lot of the toxic chemicals and pollutants that were going into the air. Also installed were water sprayers that washed the remnants away. All of the left over toxic waste was now in a dilluted water mixture that now needed a place to go. The plant chose the Monongahela River which is a the source of drinking water for over 350,000 people in the area. Each day this plant has been dumping tens of thousands of gallons of this toxic waste into the river . . .
The city basically traded clean air for dirty water . . . what a waste.

read on it's very interesting

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