Tuesday, October 27, 2009


At a High School innn . . . Forte Oglethorpe, Georgia, cheerleaders, during a school football game were brandishing Religious banners in support of the football team and support during sept. 11th. Although the religious practice is common in this small town a parent called in and questioned the actions of these cheerleaders. The mother was a practicing christian but knows in the constitution under our 1st amendment that church and state must be separate. The schools decided to prohibit those banners because they understood the risk of a lawsuit and then the towns people and students began to protest.

I think it's dumb that they're protesting. If you are a student you personally can bring the sign but the school cheerleaders and officials that wear and represent the school may not. They as well are using their constitutional right to speak freely about their religion, why do they have to turn it into an ordeal about not having the right to do something? . . . when they can.

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