Friday, October 23, 2009

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This woman that wrote this article is a married woman who has chosen (along with her husband) to not have children. She's written a book about the advantages to not having children, such as: financial stability along with the ability to take financial risks and not having to worry about college funds, having a stronger relationship with spouse because you can spend more time and energy just focusing on them, able to live a more spontaneous life that includes spontaneous trips and vacations.

I like the article because it crosses some boundries and brings up a topic i dont really think about because having kids is so normal and expected of everyone but I there is one statement i dont agree with. She says something in her article about her decision not to have kids that included the fact that it would not enhance her and her husbands relationship at all and that is something i don't think she can speak to. That is the area of this topic that she has no facts on because she just hasn't lived in that situation. She can talk all she wants about the pleasures of her life right (and that life happens to be one without kids).

I think this is a very interesting subject. Talking to my dad about it too said something. He didn't know how much having kids would change his life. I like what he said, "no one gives a crap about other people's babies. Before i had kids i didn't yearn to have kids all the time but as soon as i had them you become obsessed. They're great. It's the best decision i ever made."

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