Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There were over 100 pro-democracy protesters shot and killed last tuesday in the capital of country of Guinea. The military was called in to handle the protesters and they first sprayed them with tear gas and then started shooting the protesters. 
It's really sad to see this type of thing still going on around the world. People aren't free to protest their government or really just individules as well. They were protesting captains Camaras plans to run in the presidential election. It seems fishy that they would need to protest that, as if their votes against him wouldn't count . . .

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Or at least has the materials for it. It has Hydroxyl which is one oxygen and one hydrogen but it's all inside the soil of the moon. They predict that there's a concentration of 1 quart per cubic yard of moon soil! They say this could be a huge step in SETTLING on the MOON. . . thats probably in the far future but how cool is that?

Monday, September 21, 2009


Obama sends more troops to Afghanistan in an attempt to keep things safer at home i.e. avoid the risk of more terrorist attacks . . .

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ahhhhh i kinda forgot to do friday and saturdays so I'm going to do 3 today whether it helps my grade or not!

A Mr.Najibullah Zazi was arrested, along with his ather, for what is thought to be a conspiracy to detonate United States explosives. There was a search into Mr. Zazi's laptop computer when he was arrested and notes were retrieved that had instructions and information on manufacturing explosives and explosive detonators.

As the United Nations meet to talk to about the climate we're starting to hear from several different European leaders that the US is not giving enough political will or attention towards the climate change and cautions and actions that need to be taken. Obama does his best to reassure our European comrades but our senate gets a little uneasy when they hear about the economic costs we're expected to pay while other countries are spared.
Hmm maybe they should sit in on our ADP lectures sometime . . .

In response to the Swine Flu scare Egypt killed all of their pigs! The problem with that (besides not being able to have bacon with breakfast) is that pigs ate almost 70% of Cairo's organic waste. Now they have a huge trash problem where the streets of a busy and lively city is filled with heaps of trash.
The decision to kill the pigs was very uniformed and is onlycausing a huge problem for the city of Cairo.
Jeez that stinks . . . ha, no but it really does!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Human Task: Grocery Shopping!

Grocery shopping to humans is kind of like hunting but for animals . . . but easier, so much easier.
Basically everyone has to do it to survive unless you want to be an animal and hunt . . . my dad does that sometimes, i actually had deer the other night. BUT when my provider leaves town I have to fend for myself the only way i know how . . . Grocery Shopping. I pick the foods I feel like eating almost any food i want and then trade it for green paper. It's almost always done in a huge building with hundreds of other humans doing the same thing, but there's no competition because there's enough for everyone! It sounds crazy, i know, but it's just what we humans do.


New York Times

Researchers from MIT put tracking devices on random pieces of trash from people in Seattle and are going to track the route it takes. So far they've attached the devices onto the "trash" (can of beans and a small light bulb along with other things) and have sent them off. They plan on showing the route in real time online and present it in exhibitions. A god way to make people more aware of they've impact on the earth through their trash!

Sounds like ADP related stuff.
I'm not sure this is working. I'm having trouble with compressing it!

2D Image of Time

i used fonts to show the change in time. I also incorporated imagery with the "for instance" to relate to things you'd see in comics to show a different aesthetic and to contrast with the other aesthetics (like the typewriter font). I also tried to put the fonts in chronological order from top to bottom. The actual words that are written are a paragraph i was writing about the assignment and then i cut up and used in different places. Basically, though, the end says is that "the future is Sans Serif".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Human Task: Napping

Really it's more of a form of lack of task but I believe it to be an essential part of my week and is universal to all humans (or most). Sleeping for an hour or two while the sun is still up with intentions of getting up again before bedtime. Sometimes I feel groggy after my nap but then it is soon followed by a refreshing and reenergized feeling. Perfect for doing homework!


New York Times

Obama assigned new regulations on the american auto industry, requiring a 40% increase in fuel efficiency by 2016. Cars will have an average of 35.5 miles per gallon at that time. Woooo!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Human Task: Vacuuming

Vacuuming. I very rarely do it because man does it SUCK! I had to do it for work today (and even then its unusual) and it was just a huge hassle and it scraped my leg and I dropped it off a stair and the cord got all tangled . . . but it sure does clean up a dusty rug, something humans like . . .


3 men in London attempted to bring liquid explosives on to multiple planes going transatlantic from London to the United States but were found out and arrested.

And i was always so annoyed that we couldn't bring liquids, HOORAH FOR AIRPORT SECURITY and POLICIES!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Tools Material and Processes.

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good, everthing seems to be working.