Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ahhhhh i kinda forgot to do friday and saturdays so I'm going to do 3 today whether it helps my grade or not!

A Mr.Najibullah Zazi was arrested, along with his ather, for what is thought to be a conspiracy to detonate United States explosives. There was a search into Mr. Zazi's laptop computer when he was arrested and notes were retrieved that had instructions and information on manufacturing explosives and explosive detonators.

As the United Nations meet to talk to about the climate we're starting to hear from several different European leaders that the US is not giving enough political will or attention towards the climate change and cautions and actions that need to be taken. Obama does his best to reassure our European comrades but our senate gets a little uneasy when they hear about the economic costs we're expected to pay while other countries are spared.
Hmm maybe they should sit in on our ADP lectures sometime . . .

In response to the Swine Flu scare Egypt killed all of their pigs! The problem with that (besides not being able to have bacon with breakfast) is that pigs ate almost 70% of Cairo's organic waste. Now they have a huge trash problem where the streets of a busy and lively city is filled with heaps of trash.
The decision to kill the pigs was very uniformed and is onlycausing a huge problem for the city of Cairo.
Jeez that stinks . . . ha, no but it really does!

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