Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Re-Done Portfolio Page, Steelcase, End of Finals

Finally changed the lay-out in my portfolio page. This is the one that is kind of a storage page for pieces from my porfolio. it has work in various unrelated mediums but hopefully I can change the other one too so that I have one fully graphic design portfolio and one illustration.

Went to Steelcase today. Really fun experience, the girl showing me around took me to their many show rooms where they display their furniture in their respective settings. It was pretty informal which was nice and what I hoped for. I got to talk to the girl, Jessie, one-on-one about how she got her job there as an Industrial Designer and the types of things she does on a project to project basis. Jessie gave me a big talk on life after graduation and she said not to stress so much. Somethings take time and the best thing to do is just to keep yourself busy and continue to do work even if you're not in your dream job yet. She said to keep your skills relevant and make sure to show it in your work.

I still have some time, actually a whole year more than the other kids my age which I'm actually more thankful about than I was earlier this semester. I wouldn't have been able to go to go Italy next semester like I can now.

This is the last evening of finals hell week so finished work will be posted soon after it's all graded. In these last 7 hours I can REALLY FEEEL that any bit of motivation or care I had for my work has gone out the window. Which is fine because everything is done now EXCEPT this animation... and yes this is me taking a break from the project. If I decide to post my animation y'all should keep that in mind ha.

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