Thursday, December 9, 2010

Solar Car Poster

I literally just started and finished this poster tonight... it's 3am... and am actually quite happy with it. I've joined the Business sector of the University of Michigan's Solar Car Team. I'm doing as much graphic design for them as I can muster up out of my busy schedule. They are going to be showing at the Auto Show in January and need many posters done about the car and the races and the team. My poster is on the 2 most important races the team is a part of each year: The American Solar Challenge and the World Solar Challenge. They've won first in the American 6 times! and 3rd in the World 4 times... thats awesome. I'm excited to be a part of it.

So, I've literally just sent it in to be evaluated and I'll hear back from everyone in the meeting tomorrow. I'll let you know if it gets the final print out ASAP. The only reason it wouldn't is because the aesthetic maybe too inconsistent with the rest of the posters. I never got to see what anyone else was doing and I don't even know if anyone WAS doing anything else...

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