Friday, December 10, 2010

A herd of Thermuses

One of our assignments in my clay multiples class is to make a plaster mold of a cup and then to pour 10 cups and give them to 9 of our friends. It's to keep them from using paper cups because they are a WASTE! Obviously everyone already knows that they are but this way we are hopefully forcing them to stop use the ceramic cups out of friend-guilt.

It's like:
Me: Hey Tim... what's this cup? Where's that thermus I made you? Don't you like it?!
Friend: Oh yeah, iiiit's dirty... so I took it home. I totally use it all the time! I love it I swear!
Me: yeah? good, thats what i thought.
(Friend subsequently uses the mug all the time just so Me doesn't get upset.)

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