Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Animal Series: Tigers!

So... I think I'm finally doing it. I've settled on an idea I'd like to make into a series. I think I will stay interested in this idea long enough to do a few paintings. I have the base-frame/the skeleton of the first painting ready to be a filled realized piece of work!

The idea stems from some very real, very old interests of mine - animals and the female human form. I used to think I was going to be a veterinarian before 3rd grade. When the subject of female forms are mixed with nature I automatically assume an Art Nouveau influence but of course my style will look quite modern so perhaps I will call this Art Nouveau Contemporized. 

This first painting has been sketched and sketched again to the point where I have a very finalized looking drawing that I now need to be transfered to canvas. I think the best way to do it would be to trace from a projector.

I'm leaving photos here of my process up to this point!


A. is the first sketch I made - the Idea Sketch. This sketch is a very rough sketch just so that I can physically see my idea on paper - maybe play around with the layout but basically to get it out of my head and saved in physical form.

B. is the Practical Sketch. I move on to this stage to start putting the idea into working form. I need to think of my canvas size and shape and change my composition accordingly. I start to look at potential positions for the tigers and the expression on the girls face.

After the practical sketch I can start looking for tiger photos that full-fill the positions I'd like represented. I use photos because in this particular style I'd like to stay true to life in the proportions. The stylization I will add will play around more with the colors and how the painting is actually painted.


The girls face was also very important. I thought maybe at first that she would look very innocent and affectionate like the tigers around her but then I decided that that girl is NOT sweet and shy - she's hanging out with a load of TIGERS! She is bold and maybe even a little threatening because of the power she holds in having such predatorial friends.

This is the stage the drawing is at now. I have some pretty great ideas for coloring that I'm excited to execute.

Some other animals I'm thinking of including in my series are:
American Bison
The Common Hippo
and the Cyprian Wild Sheep

all these animals happen to be endangered which may or may not remain a theme within the series!
If you have any suggestions for animals let me know!

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