Wednesday, February 27, 2013


So if you haven't already heard, Martyna's been bouncing around a bit. I was on the west coast recently - meeting up with people from McSweeneys in San Francisco as well as visiting a friend in Portland, OR.

The west was a great break from what I've become very familiar with in the MIDwest and east coast. I'm back in Michigan with new projects in hand. I am going to be working with McSweeneys continually from a distance with small promotional material. It's one of the best gigs I've had in a while because I pretty much have full creative reign over each project and I love McSweeneys!

I'm posting the process for one of the fliers I made for them. Enjoy!

I had the idea for the flier before I even started. I imagined the quirky individuals that like McSweeneys and tried to personify the literary quirkiness in these two characters reading the poems. The event is a reading and most of the items read will be poems. The excitement in a Reading is the interpretation and performance of the people reading. Because really everyone can read a poem but the joy of hearing someone else read it is their ability to express the words they read physically and also their difference in interpretation from your own.

The drawings aren't based on anyone in particular and were drawn straight from my head. I call the girl Sally and the guy... Rick... or John. But of course, please feel free to name them how you like.

I'm really happy with the final version. 

*A quick doodle from sitting at the McSweeney office.

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