Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tokyo Mojo


So, it's been a little bit of time since my last post. I've graduated, summer was well spent in Ann Arbor while freelancing for Spunk Design Machine and I saved enough money to go to... JAPAN!

Yes, I am currently writing this post from a tiny design firm in Tokyo! I've made it to the TOP! Well not quite yet, but it feels pretty good at this juncture. I'm currently the graphic design intern for Nosigner of Tokyo, Japan. It's a very small firm with some really talented individuals and open minded thinkers. You can check out their website here.

I'm realizing that working for small design firms is the only way to go - the best way to do it. You really bond with your team and get way more responsibility. Of course you're probably going to be working 10 times harder than a massive corp firm but really it ends up being much more fulfilling. For example! - I work 12 hours a DAY here. 10am to 10pm. Sounds rough, I know, but guess what... It is! haha but it's still very do-able! And MAN do you end up getting a LOT of work done.

But really, I'm immensly enjoying my time in Japan. I'm only supposed to stay till mid october but I'm going to try to stay longer if possible.

Working at the firm has got my creative juices flowing again too which is GREAT. Sooo now I have things to post again! Today I started a poster that I hope to complete in the next few weeks or so. I'll leave you guys with a taste...

It's about Japan. Ha really?!

K well welcome back to Slowjams! (it was time for a new look.)

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