Monday, September 17, 2012

New Sketchbook

Wandered around Harajuku yesterday and realized (as I was looking at a beautiful leather orange one) that I'm due for a new sketchbook. If you don't know this already you will learn very soon that I go through "sketchbooks" like lightning, in fact I just finished one last week. I've hundreds and hundreds of them lining my room at my parents' house, BUT I haven't had a NICE one in a while. "Why would this matter?" you may ask. Well, at least in my situation, it matters because the quality of the sketchbook impacts what goes in it usually. If I have a big beautiful leather bound Rhodia than I'm more likely to use it as a showcase for more finalized drawings. If I have a crappy newsprint flop-book than than I'm more willing to use it for more practical reasons - for small rough sketches and lists... so many lists. Both are important and different kind of practices that like to be housed in a similarly formatted casing.

I haven't had a "nice" sketchbook in while and thus have not made many drawings recently that stand alone as a (final) drawing, rather than a sketch for a potential piece for another medium.

The sketchbook I bought is an orange leather dot-grid Rhodia. The dot-grid is a HUGE improvement now that I'm taking my typography a tiiiiny bit more seriously.

Of course the drawing on the first page is extremely cosmetic because thats the first thing that people see. (!)

I'll post new drawings as soon as I have a fair amount of them to show


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