Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An End and a Beginning!

The Tiger painting is finished! I know you were all skeptical (even I was) but the day has come and the painting is as done is it could ever be - I'm elated!

With the finish of the first painting in this series I had a burst of motivation and have applied to 4 artist residencies! My intention is to get into a residency to be able to work on this series some more. To basically cage myself into a studio to make SURE I get at LEAST one more painting out of this series.

You guys may not realize this but this is a very critical juncture! I have finished many first paintings of many series - I have finished NO second paintings of ANY of my series. I NEED TO CONTINUE.

So with 4 applications in and no one else to make sure I do the rest of the series but myself I decided to jump right into the next painting - residency or no residency! (It's going to be at least a month before I hear back from any of these residencies.)

With that being said HERE are the first stages of my next painting! HIPPOS!

What you're not seeing before this is the digital drawing process that basically brings me to the composition you see here. Once I have it the way I want it on the computer I project it on to the canvas and trace it from there.

This is the base color being applied and the flat background color which I'm afraid might be darker than I intended - I might go over it! MAUVE.

Anyways I'm so proud to be putting out this post. The tiger painting may be the piece of work I'm most proud of!

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  1. Hi, Are you selling The Tiger painting? Would be interesting to know how much. It's beautiful.