Wednesday, April 18, 2012

IP: A success!

The opening reception was a HUGE success. Work gallery gets so much foot traffic that the gallery stayed completely full for for the whole event (3 hours). Thank you to everyone who could stop by and also thank you to those who couldn't make it but provided support! You guys are greaaaaaaat.

I was really nervous before the show, because I really had no idea what the response would be but everything ended up going better than I could have even imagined. People really seem to be struck and drawn in by the aesthetic of the work and then ultimately stay with it to understand and pick a part the meaning. People were loving the terrariums. I even received some commissions to make some more, so if you want one let me know! They're around 30 bucks depending on the size and type of plant!

Anyways it was a great night, I had so much fun and loved seeing everyone's handsome faces.

By request of my school and to get a good grade on this project I must direct my teachers and professional suiters to my : Portfolio. There you will be able to download my Resume and Project Thesis.


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