Sunday, April 1, 2012

IP: Progress!

Ok this one's gunna be a doozy!

1. I've finished making my terrariums. It was SUCH a fun process, I highly recommend EVERYONE doing it. They're completely self-sustaining and are so so so beautiful. These 2 right below are moss terrariums (they are lidded). GOLD SAND.

Moss collected from the Arb (shh).


The plants and terrariums are growing by the light of 2 grow-lamps under my table in my studioooo.

This terrarium is not going in the project... he's just extra... for fun, ya know?

2. The center-piece of my project is currently in the works. I've decided it would be smartest to make it in 2 parts–the living and the... non-living. The chia is going to grow on a separate piece of chip-board on top of insulation foam (the gross looking white goop seen below) and cotton-fluff, held down by damp cheese-clothe. This is a very well tested method for growing chia (apparently all the polish children of my mother's generation grew chia this way because no one sent them chia pets from america??). After the chia is mature enough this piece will then be glued to the wood board with the gold triangle in the center. The gold is an acrylic paint made from REAL GOLD FLECKS and LEAD. So there was a long priming-sanding-primingagain-painting-thinkingImayhaveleadpoisoning-process (documented below). Don't worry... my dad refuses to be worried about the lead so... I'm probably fine.

Cleaned edges, refined shape.

First layer.
Final layer.

3. And I'm still making more drawings for the large bottom shelf–which has been a PAIN in BUM by the way. Today the shelves have been white washed. Tomorrow they are going to get a gold trim on the edges.
It's been a long 2 weeks but it's not over yeeet. The beetle portraits look like they might be the very last step. As well as putting something in the CENTER of the CENTER-PIECE, pretty BIG step you might say...

I think this may be my last post before the show so wish me luck aaaand see you all in the gallery! (I'll post the info as soon as it's been finalized). April 13th!

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