Monday, October 31, 2011

IP: Materials

So finally some new advancements have been made in the decisions towards what materials to use for my projects. For my series of beetle portraits I've acquired my wood panels and have begun sanding and shellacing them so that I can start painting them as soon as this week. I was having a horrible time finding metallic paints for the beetle shells. Most "metallic" acrylic colors I'd been finding are very muted and lack range. I looked at decoractive paints and interior house paints--all very pastelle. THEN I REALIZED some of the best metallic paints were right under my NOSE! Nail polish has some of the most brilliant metallic colors anyone (especially girls) could ever want! Toxic it may be, but as long as I paint in a ventilated room I should be fine.

National Geographic clippings that inspired the "Beetle Portraits"


Final wood panels
As for my landscape I'm still wondering how to best apply the "grass" to the foam molded setting BUT I know how I'm going to represent the trees.
I was immediately knocked to the ground as soon as I saw this new commissioned piece by Ingo Maurer:
This work has so much to do with my project and this feeling of wanting to be connected to nature but with out sacrificing the comfortable man-made world we're created. This Chandelier is a beautiful fuse of natural visual elements with contemporary human practicalility. Nature representing the beautiful (but not useful) and man-made technology as the practical (but not inherently beautiful) and formless. WOO! I'd love to have one of these in my house... I'm probably the best example of this feeling, of wanting to be connected to nature through staying disconnected, that I'm trying to portray in my project.

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