Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sketchbook Catch-Up part1

In this first post of my 2 post sketchbook catch-up, I will be showing my smaller drawings... some may even call them doodles.

DOODLES, I think, are a wonderful thing. I have read and heard several times in the past, that it is a great activity to partake in while listening to a lecture. It keeps your brain active enough that you don't completely zone out or get into that state where you physically can not hold your eyes open against gravity anymore because you're so bored–BUT is also an easy enough thing to do without much brain activity that you can pay attention to what's being said. There is also, I think, a more scientific explanation for this... but obviously, i just took someone's word for it.

My FATHER actually is a HUGE doodler and would totally back me up on this theory. He's been doodling during classes and meetings for DECADES. His drawings are actually really beautiful if you can believe it. I'll try to get him to let me post a few sometime.

Anyways, I've stumbled upon a wonderful PEN and that has kind of guided a new direction in my doodling style...


Water Cycle

The Great Race

The Harry Potters
(the younger years)

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