Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Location New Job / Summer 2011

So, for those of you who don't know, I've moved to New York for the summer and it's becoming quite the experience. FIRST let me explain that the image above was made sometime within the last year after a different trip I took to New York. But I liked the design and felt it was appropriate enough to start off this entry.

I come to the city quite often. I've visited about twice a year for about 8 years. (Does that sound about right, dad?) And as much as it may even have come to feel like a second home to me, this experience is re-shaping the way I've felt about and think about the city completely. I'm interning at Bon Appetit Magazine and living on the Lower East Side. Living here, on your own, with a job that is half-way towards what you ACTUALLY see yourself doing as a career is SOOO different from coming to visit family and friends here for a week. OBVIOUSLY. But still, it struck me more than I thought. I'm loving it. I've been inspired to do a lot more work on my own (I've started 2 new projects already, that you will hear more about later) and more than anything I feel much more like an adult than I have... ever, which is nice.

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