Thursday, March 17, 2011

New work from a new quarter...

This is Project 1 from my etching class. We're using the method called intaglio, where you use acid to etch into either a zinc or copper plate. Basically it ends up looking very similar to an ink pen drawing... the theme for this project was "found objects".

I'm currently printing Project 2 in class and etching Project 3. So expect more soon!

So the name of this next project is Vespamerica. It's a hypothetical event hosted by Piaggio that would be taking place sometime in April or something, that is put on in an effort to make the the Vespa motorbike popular in america (as if it already hasn't made it's way here). The Vespa is an extremely iconic object of the classic yet minorly cliche Italian lifestyle so advertised in the movie Roman Holiday. Our task was to (firstly) design a logo for the event. Soon we'll be designing all the marketing materials such as banners, pamphlets, bags, and anything else we can think of for the event as well.

The graphic on the right is the actual logo, while the graphic on the left is more like an emblem or short/logo for use with smaller materials.
And lastlyyy... I've been applying like crazy to internships in New York for the summer. The big one that I wanted to make sure I had all my shit together for was the internship position with J.Crew at their New York headquarters. So, I gussied up my resume and decided to add this little graphic to it!!! NOW, I've always been pretty against using a logo at such an amateur stage in a designer's career buuuut I somehow fell into the trend! I felt it turned my resume from an MS word document with no command or voice to an official document with status and that more truly represented me. Was I wrong in doing so? If it's really really just too much let me know (jakub) and we can discuss.


  1. I like it but the alignment on the left side doesn't make sense to me

  2. Ohh right i should probably align it with the serifs yah?