Monday, January 17, 2011

More tablet drawing..

So first off I should say that my place of residence has changeddd as y'all may already know. I'm in Italy. And it's great. You can find some pictures on Facebook. Anyways my friend Billy (an experienced a drummer and new coming music producer) wrote a song that Dorothy Yarrington sings in (she happens to be his girlfriend). She's a great singer and he's a great song writer and they are my friends so they asked me to do an album cover for a single.

so here that is:
and then My brother and I also started a blog called Chubby Animals That Swear that I will put up a link for as sooon as we get a few more pictures done for it. Keep on the look-out for it...

I just started a graphic design class at SACI so look forward to some work from that too. Other than that though I might not have too much art to show for this semester because all of my other classes are academic. Perhaps I'll put up work that comes out of my creative writing class but I wouldn't count on it yet hahaaa... yeah.

k, till next time,

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